Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Market and a new Purse

I have had a crazy first four months

 seemsed to flow in nice put the kids on the plane back to Texas
Put the Christmas fabic on sale
Insuance came in to put our basement back together

Then Febuary
the store was busy
my husband was traveling which means I have to go to the farm and do chores
Then the Lethbridge Guild asked me to talk, so we decided, okay I decided to make all new quilts for the show and share
 One of which I used my new favorite ruler from JennyPedigo over at
You want to see some amazzzing things go here now (but come back)
Its called Urban Birthday

Made this little gem with Kate Spains Central Park, I love this line and are so close to out
Then we made this little gem from her tutorial from her blog
I love how this looks a little more traditional
you can almost see the double wedding ring in there
 and can I say these two beauties sold us alot of these
ya that is the ruler behind it all
easy to use
gentle corners so no pinning
and perfect every time
March creeped in and the Shop along with Chicken Feeds a town over was having a retreat at the end of this month
So you guessed it
this is the project that I taught at the retreat
ya Urband Birthday
in a line of fabric from Riley Blake
Its a little softer with the off whites, I think it was a hit

April was uneventful kind of, we had alot of prep for the shop hop that takes in 7 shop here in Southern Alberta

May 1st hit and Shop Hop was full on I am guilty of taking no pictures
we were a little busy
the weather was nice and it was easy for people to get around
And if I can only get through this week I leave
May 14 for Quilt Market in Kansas
and because of one on my new friends I will be carrying this amazzing bag

picture stolen from sew kind of wonderful blog

Is it not just the coolest bag ever
Okay here are the rules
if you are going to quilt market in Kansas and you see me with this bag I need a business card for your name to go into the draw, all you have to do is say I love your sew kind of wonderful bag listen to me ramble, hand me a card
and wa la you are in

Okay see ya there

stay tuned tomorrow and I will show you another amazzing thing that I wish could have made it to market