Tuesday, December 11, 2012

okay I need help
and not the kind you lay on a couch and pour out you problems kind of help....
I am looking for a great beginner quilt\piecing book
at one time I thought there was a book called the quilt bible but I may be wrong... don't tell my husband I said that
If any one out there can help me send it along

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Merry Christmas
to all
It has been awhile
but I am back
We have some Christmas Cheer coming your way
Christmas on Main Street
Dec 7th
5:30 til 9:00
20% off all Fabric
30% off Christmas Fabric
30% off Fiskars
rotary cutters
Mention you saw this blog post
with this coupon code
you must quote this code for discount
to recieve and extra 5% off
We will not be punching loalty cards this night
New lines in store
Sweetest Thing
by Riley Blake
See ya there

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I love this month
I love the colors of the changing trees
I love feeling warm in my home
and I love Thanks Giving
my family all come home and we eat and eat and eat.
Then we have
4th annual
Once again we will put on our DRESSES
pull on our HATS, and lace up our SHOES
grab our favorite BROOM
and fly on over for the WITCHES BALL
iF YOU NEEd anY inFORmatioN

Friday, September 7, 2012

I am still here
who new it could be so long
4 months
but I am back and ready to go
this weekend I will get thing back in shape
I will add regularily the new fabrics coming in
new product that have arrived
and what we are doing in general
for now I am going to show you my new favorite notion

Love these, and even though I own a quilt shop it does not mean I carry everything, even I have to look for just the right fabric

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Market and a new Purse

I have had a crazy first four months

 seemsed to flow in nice put the kids on the plane back to Texas
Put the Christmas fabic on sale
Insuance came in to put our basement back together

Then Febuary
the store was busy
my husband was traveling which means I have to go to the farm and do chores
Then the Lethbridge Guild asked me to talk, so we decided, okay I decided to make all new quilts for the show and share
 One of which I used my new favorite ruler from JennyPedigo over at
You want to see some amazzzing things go here now (but come back)
Its called Urban Birthday

Made this little gem with Kate Spains Central Park, I love this line and are so close to out
Then we made this little gem from her tutorial from her blog
I love how this looks a little more traditional
you can almost see the double wedding ring in there
 and can I say these two beauties sold us alot of these
ya that is the ruler behind it all
easy to use
gentle corners so no pinning
and perfect every time
March creeped in and the Shop along with Chicken Feeds a town over was having a retreat at the end of this month
So you guessed it
this is the project that I taught at the retreat
ya Urband Birthday
in a line of fabric from Riley Blake
Its a little softer with the off whites, I think it was a hit

April was uneventful kind of, we had alot of prep for the shop hop that takes in 7 shop here in Southern Alberta

May 1st hit and Shop Hop was full on I am guilty of taking no pictures
we were a little busy
the weather was nice and it was easy for people to get around
And if I can only get through this week I leave
May 14 for Quilt Market in Kansas
and because of one on my new friends I will be carrying this amazzing bag

picture stolen from sew kind of wonderful blog

Is it not just the coolest bag ever
Okay here are the rules
if you are going to quilt market in Kansas and you see me with this bag I need a business card for your name to go into the draw, all you have to do is say I love your sew kind of wonderful bag listen to me ramble, hand me a card
and wa la you are in

Okay see ya there

stay tuned tomorrow and I will show you another amazzing thing that I wish could have made it to market

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Something to Blog About

I have had a lot to talk about just no time to talk

We have been getting our house ready to sell we need to move to the farm

Grandaughter 3rd birthday
Heading off to the chicken/ bunny sale
yes we brought Davey

feeding baby lambs 3 to 4 times a day

hatching baby chickens
had the retreat throught the quilt shop

and next week the shop hop here in Southern Alberta
Are these the cutes posters ever, thanks to Rebecca C, she did an amazing job for us.

Check back tomorrow with a little Millies Closet show and tell
If you can't wait hop on over to

The wonderful Lori Holt master fabric designer to the stars
this would be her line

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Day After

The day after Valentines and I have things to show you
My 16 year old daughter is an amazing cake decorater
and she made these cute sweet tart cupcakes for V day

oh and her joke on the forever single
I am happily Married

I started working on this pink quilt, first I made the blocks
12" but they were so big it looked like I was in a hurry
to get the job done so I shrunk them to 8" and they are much better
and remember I am still sewing on my kitchen table yuk
I cut the strips in lights and darkes

I am using the black in the irish chain to pull it all together

This demask from Adornit
I think this would look good in teals as well
just not enough time

and Third
the grand children in our lives, they are so special
and we love them more than they will ever know
Davey had Valentine pictures took with her mom and a few
of just her

look at those bare feet, they are so small and the smile.  The whole family can not believe she posed so well for the pictures, usually she is all over the place being silly

And then there is this little guy, no pink for him he is ready
 for St Patricks day

Mr Sugar surprised me with flowers, he really is a great guy, I told him no jewlery this year as our money is going to the flood in the basement, you know how it goes.  Since we are replaceing things any way lets do something more expencive that insurance won't pay for,ya like that

The painters are here tomorrow and say they will be done friday
carpet and hardwood comes  next week and with a little luck I can show you some finshed stuff in a couple weeks
if not I will shoot some photo's as we go along

Hope Your week is good

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Busy Time

Boy here it is february
time flys when your busy
and right after Christmas there is so
much to do, all the christmas has to come down at the
shop and new samples have to be made
and put up

I have been working on so many things
I started and finished this

I made it as a table runner but it did'nt turn out to be
my favorite, so I added a
pocket so it can be a
couch caddie or bed caddie

or just us it as a table runner
It sure is a cute line of fabric
just not for a table runner in my house, red and carmel walls
but Davey's bedroom that work great

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It's a New Semester

January in Canada brings a lot of things
usually cold (not much knock on wood)
a little more sunlight
and a new semester for my high schooler

For the last two year she has been using a hand me down
bag from her sister, that was from Old Navy
that fabric was cool
but we washed it after Christmas
and the handle fell right apart and the bag is not far behind
You can see the tiniest of holes starting in the bag body
so Monday night we took that old bag
layed it out for a pattern
cut out the fabric
sewed it back together and this is what she has
She really likes asian themed fabric
we found these in our travels
and she loves them
I put this project off for 30 days, saying I didn't have a
but in the end it took me less than an hour with no clue what I was doing and wa la, oh and it is reversable
she is happy

You know it was one of those things like sewing on a
button, you put it off for so long and then when you
get around to sewing it on, you say to yourself, that wasn't so bad

Friday, January 27, 2012

Let me share

Christmas this year was awesome even with the
more than a dozen set backs
all my kids were home with the grandkids
their great, can't live with out them

I made both of the little rascals
a Grinch quilt for christmas and thought I would share it with all
of you, it is made with one of my favorite patterns

the big block on the right hand side with the red stripe across it
is a pocket we filled it with the book and the video
Davey likes to pack her doll in the pocket

Here is Davey giving me the thumbs up of approval

If you look close you can see the crazy grinch gifts I quilted

hope you get a little inspiration
start now for Christmas 2012

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Ghastlie News

Here it is January and I can't wait for Ghastlie season
wait any season is Ghaslie season
would you not agree

I Love the Ghastlies, each and everyone of those
wickedly cute family members

 I quilted this quilt just last week

She made it for her daughter in laws Birthday this month
see anytime is Ghastlie time

So the Good news is I ordered 12 New pieces
to the Ghastlies today for arrival in May
so Stay tuned for some Ghastlie fun

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Favorite Toy

Mr Sugar gave me a Kindle Fire for Christmas
and probably wishes he hadn't
I am on my fourth book
and it has only been one month
since I got it

Oh and did I say how much I love, love, love it

and these are the books that have me hooked

don't click to look inside I borrowes these from her website

I love the storyline, and it helps you believe that every problem can be solved with fabric and friends

The fifth book will release in April 2012

I can not wait, I think I will take two days off from work and read all day
these really are good books, I'm just sayin

And look at the cute case Mr. Sugar bought for me

Ya the glasses have to tag along

Talk to ya tomorrow I have some Ghastlie news

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Winter, it's just not fun
we finally broke out of the deep freeze
but now we have the chinook winds
and it is still cold, just not freezing

Even our ducks wish it was nice outside

Friday, January 6, 2012

Sad State of a Sewing Room

It has been three weeks without a sewing room
and this is what it looks like

this is the door into the sewing room
you can see the counter where my machine normally sits
and my lonely television

these are the cupboards they did'nt have to pull out
the boxes are full of our electronics,  I made them bring them back after they said it takes 4 weeks for them to be checked out, 6 because of christmas, we will take our chances that they won't blow.....
so far so good we just dont' have sound on the television and the 
xbox is not working, this is tragic to eveyone but me, they have not made a sewing game for it yet so I could care less.
Mr. Sugar does not find this funny he just wants it fixed

the floor is not so pretty, it never really is, I throw everything on the floor as I sew

I have the store to sew at but everyone wants to visit, and so do I
so finishing anything in a timely manner is not going to happen

I just miss sewing at night and sometimes all night long
for now I will just lay in bed and teach Mr. Sugar sewing terms.....

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year

Its been a few days I know but things have been crazy around here
so read to the end for the two winners of my give away

things were going great till.........
eye infection (both eye's) hot tub at a hotel
Dec 12th
kids coming home for christmas
Dec 14th
basement flooding
Dec 15th
no flooring, holes in the ceiling and walls leather funiture ruined
furnace in store needing a new motor
Dec 19th
through the timing out on my long arm with TWO quilts to go
Dec 20th
Mr Sugar with the help of Mike at Handi Quilter had me up and running two days later
sister coming home
Dec 23th
Dec 25th
no pictures my house was full and I was busy hosting
grandson's first birthday
Dec 28th

new years
Jan 1st  2012
All my kids, mom and sister came over
no pics
mom's 70th birthday
Jan 2nd
no pics
sleep sleep

So here we are a few days late on the give away, better late than never

The two winners are

Kate has left a new comment on your post "Four more sleeps":

Great tutorial!!!! Many thanks for the idea and for sharing it. Happy Holidays.


queenopearls has left a new comment on your post "Four more sleeps":

Tammy, this is a GREAT tutorial! :) I can't wait to try it. Thank you!!
~Christina in Cleveland

Thanks to all that left a comment and stop back soon
fun stuff all year long

Hope you are all checking out www.sewwequilt.com
tons of tips on cool tools