Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Winner Is

Okay I ran the winner on random dot org
                     and the lucky # was                 
Two (2)
                              sorry I don't know how
                      to get the random generator
                          on my blog so you will just
                         have to take my word for it
            I think you live close so drop me a line
       or give me a call and we will get the finished
                 project to you and the kit to your                   

Anyone that would like to purchase a KIT call the store
              other wise use up those RED scraps 

Monday a tutatorial will be on the blog for the
             HEART HANG UP

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New addition to the family

The Sugar Town Family now has two grand children... here is the twist.... #2 is an awsome little BOY
                                  Asher Mark Fredriksen
               7lbs 11oz
              21" LONG
     Born Dec 28th at 11:03

He is so cute cute cute... The bad part is he left for Texas last Friday do you know how sad that day was 

At least he left me with little

I sent him away with THIS
darling hoot owl quilt

And this rug to match


Don't forget to enter the give away by friday.....this is just the beginning

Monday, January 17, 2011

Gone to Long

HAPPY VALENTINES    This could be YOURS....
Give away ends Jan 21
It has been to long I know,  but I am back and promise to blog once a week.....  To start things off here is a give away....this one requires a little help from a friend....  Leave a comment with the name of the friend whom referred you and vise versa and you can win this finished project and the friend can win a kit of the same project all before Valentines.

This Could be your BFF's ....
( the kit at the bottom of the stand)
it's a two for one

Any of you that can't wait for the draw we have five kits at the store for sale drop me a line and one could be yours.....

Kit comes with
100  2.5" multi red squares
20" x 20" white back ground
2  8" x 4"red loops
Cost is 19.95 + shipping

you will need
21" x 26" backing
same size warm and natural
5 or 6 cool buttons
and a little stuffing

Tutorial will be up Friday afternoon