Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm Back

Alright, I am back in the country and guess who came home with me a ton of Riley Blake, there is a new line of boys flannel and three new lines of cotton. Pop in and see it.  Now just a little bit about the trip, my mom and I left wednesday afternoon and drove as far as Idaho Falls, we have a favorite hotel there.  Then we left bright and early for Logan, my mom had some business there, and then straight in to Handi Quilter.

Sam  the repair guy or at least my repair guy was ready and waiting, I had made the appointment two weeks eairlier, we unloaded the machine, signed some papers and away we went, straight to Riley Blake

What an afternoon, and they are so freindly there, or maybe its because I spent alot of money, anyway they are very nice and Matt gave me a couple of things as give aways for the
Witch and Stich
I hope you all have your best dresses ready for
October 30th 9 til midnight

Check the whats new later today for WHATS NEW

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