Monday, April 4, 2011

Let Me Count My Blessings

Blessing #1    I have one great husband ( thats enough who
                                   could handle more than one)

Blessing #2    I have Three great kids and one son
                        inlaw he's great to

Blessing #3   I have two amazzzzzing grandkids
Asher Mark Fredriksen

Davey Dee Landry

Blessing #4  I am blessed to have a very healthy        
                    mother    that is active in all our lives

My blessings could go on and on, so I will share with you the one we had this weekend



She woke up  to 50 balloons

she prettied her lips

We then went to the city and she wore her birthday crown all day
We went to wal mart for groceries

then we went Bowling

Bowling was a lot of work so she had a little nap on the way home in her Crown

When we arrived home we had supper and birthday cake
She wore that crown all day
these are the things that bless me

Stay tuned for a how to on making the crown
or pop in the store for you free patern

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