Tuesday, November 15, 2011

busy is good right

I have one quilt after another coming in to be quilted for christmas
I am happy that they are coming in early in November
not December 15

Two weeks ago
Myrna and I booked a nice room in Kalispell Montana
Holiday Inn Express
we left early friday morning in a small snow storm
Cart #1

Cart #2
and yes we made time for
Bath and Body
I have a whole closet of this stuff yet I buy more
well thats all the pictures
we were so busy sewing and watching 20 hrs
of Dateline murder mysteries
I made two thats right 2 of the cutest
quilt tops
I will have to show you on December 26th
one of daughters looks at my blog
once in a while and even thought the quilt is for
the grandbabies it is a surprise for the moms as well

I have not forgot about the Halloween draw I will let you know tomorrow
pictures and a name

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  1. ahhhh did that "thing" ever arrive to you?
    you know ...lol