Monday, January 17, 2011

Gone to Long

HAPPY VALENTINES    This could be YOURS....
Give away ends Jan 21
It has been to long I know,  but I am back and promise to blog once a week.....  To start things off here is a give away....this one requires a little help from a friend....  Leave a comment with the name of the friend whom referred you and vise versa and you can win this finished project and the friend can win a kit of the same project all before Valentines.

This Could be your BFF's ....
( the kit at the bottom of the stand)
it's a two for one

Any of you that can't wait for the draw we have five kits at the store for sale drop me a line and one could be yours.....

Kit comes with
100  2.5" multi red squares
20" x 20" white back ground
2  8" x 4"red loops
Cost is 19.95 + shipping

you will need
21" x 26" backing
same size warm and natural
5 or 6 cool buttons
and a little stuffing

Tutorial will be up Friday afternoon


  1. My Mom Laura Barrus told me about your GREAT store!! Oh, I hope I win!!! Ashley Mackenzie

  2. Ashley Mackenzie got me hooked on your store. LOVE IT!! :)I am just finishing a baby quilt I got their. Laura Barrus

  3. My brother married your daughter ha ha~ no I knew about it long ago I don't sew or quilt but I love your store the material for projects, the candles all of it! etc etc...but maybe my sister dawna cause she is always creating something amazing from there!

  4. Nisa posted about this on facebook. I love it its so cute!!!

  5. That is one cute baby boy! And also a cute Vday Quilt. I just read Nisa's status on FB and saw this post. The rug and quilt you sent down with Asher is darling by the way! I need to come in and check out the store again sometime soon. It's been too long! I love your store! And this Giveaway! I hope I win :)

  6. My good friend Ciana gave me the tip on the giveaway. I would love another fun valentine's project. Mindy B.