Monday, May 23, 2011

So so Much part 2

It has been crazy trying to get back to work after the week in Utah,
 ( one of my favorite places on earth)
wish I had a picture.
since I last posted I have been Working on peoples quilts trying to put stuff away, cutting kits for the new patterns we picked up at market, and hoping others come in, in time for the quilt quild show.
My family says pick one thing and work on it

Today I have some things to share with you from market meet up
this was a wonderful thing that
put together
this is the 2 of them in the bottom right corner
I was able to meet so many great bloggers
1. Nanette Merrill from Freda's Hive love her
she is the bueatiful lady in red right below

2.  Lori Holts from Bee in my Bonnet new fabric from Riley Blake
3. Amy Smart organizer of all things i am sure
here is a little something Amy created at
4. Daria Muirhead from Boutique Cafe

here we go she is so cute and I love her, she approached me at the meet up and I am so glad she did,
here is how it went
Daria - hey I want to meet you before you run
Me- introductions
Daria - were are you from
Me - Canada
Daria - me to
Me - were in Canada
Daria - Lethbridge
screams like little girls ( and we are grown women, except at quilt things)
Me- I am from Raymond
for all of you that is 20 min away CRAZY
Daria - I have been to your shop
Me - no way how did I miss you
Daria - here is my card and phone # lets have lunch
Picture's No I am an idiot
5. Three great ladies two from the Salt Lake area and if you read this drop me a line I am so confused from all the business card and names writen everywhere who was who
and one from New Zealand Susan Claire she is a pattern designer and you can find her here
look at this darling business card
These are the amazing pieces of fabric that she put in each swag bag

Last but not least Mr. Sugar and I gave a beach Cruiser away
at this great event
and this great lady won it, her name is Ronni Chavez of
she is here with one of the people she wanted to meet at the meetup
her dream came true
We also threw in some Olympic gloves, a little piece of
And yes Mr. sugar thought about how the quilters were going to get the bike home, we were going to ship if they were from far,
turns out
she had rented a mini van to come to market and it fit right in

This was a wonderful event linked with market and I will not forget the great people I met there.

Talk to you soon and show you what I did on my holiday weekend
not much RAINING


  1. You're so sweet. It was so much fun! Your generosity is amazing. Ronnie is loving her bike and I have heard from her a couple times to say how much she loved meeting everyone and winning the bike. Fun times. Fun memories!!

  2. The pieces of fabrics looks so nice! I'd like to have those. Wish I could join your group.