Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I love spring market, it is such a busy time for all even if you are just attending.  I am going to start from the beginning so it may take a few days to get it all OUT.

We left monday after work May 9th the drive was not so bad until Greatfalls Mt. it started RAINING we stoped at Target and bought garbage bags to wrap up lugage.

(insert picture here, non it was raining to hard and my husband would kill me if I took this time to take a picture)

Just before Helena Mt it was snowing so hard and far below zero (canadian temp) Mr. Sugar had to put it into 4 wheel drive, and by now it was dark, we drove as far a Butte Mt. and stoped for the night, good thing
Next morning we woke up to more rain
and by the time we hit the Montana, Idaho border this is what we had



by Idaho Falls Mr. Sugar was ready to stop and no place better than

Ya my mom was happy but I figure an hour here for four days of all fabric good trade off
here he is in all his glory

Then we were on the road to Utah
Ya it was RAINING

We then had to drive like crazy to make Handi Quilter by
5 pm

we arrived at 5:45 and they were waiting for us to pull in
long story short
this is my machine the HQ 16

this is my new machine the HQ Avani

This made it worth the trip to Utah and I have not been to market yet

Stay tuned for tomorrow so much to tell ya

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  1. Rained all week here. Crazy weather! Market was fun wasn't it.