Thursday, October 13, 2011

Staff Party

Long in coming hard to get everyone together
but the day came and everyone showed up

I made a pot of hamburger soup
it was okay (I need to stick to cream soups)
cheese buns via my mom
a yummy apple cake
and bottled water (our tap water tastes like crap)

I made a cute little kit for the meeting
The cute pattern comes from the old days, TEN years ago a friend of mine (terrie) and I did online pattern for wood crafting
Behind the Picket Fence
when we droped the sight a porn company picked it up imagine our customers shock
I think it is excercise equipment now
we did not to bad, after a couple of years we moved on
good part is I kept all the patterns and changing them to work with fabric love it

and now the project

I wish I could show you the original but I just don't have one anymore
We ate and then got to work sewing

This young lady is an amazing sewer, look at her consentration

and then there was a little gabbing and giggeling
that always makes for a fun time

Mary is busy cutting all her letters out in the wrong colors, oops secrets, and myrna is just so photo genic

I forgot to get pictures early on and missed out on Cyndy, Mackenzie and my mom trust me they were a laugh a minute
what a great group to work with I would not trade them for anyone else

Stay tuned more update on the witch n stich coming
OCT 31
start working on your costume
this year great prize for best dressed

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