Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Favorite Toy

Mr Sugar gave me a Kindle Fire for Christmas
and probably wishes he hadn't
I am on my fourth book
and it has only been one month
since I got it

Oh and did I say how much I love, love, love it

and these are the books that have me hooked

don't click to look inside I borrowes these from her website

I love the storyline, and it helps you believe that every problem can be solved with fabric and friends

The fifth book will release in April 2012

I can not wait, I think I will take two days off from work and read all day
these really are good books, I'm just sayin

And look at the cute case Mr. Sugar bought for me

Ya the glasses have to tag along

Talk to ya tomorrow I have some Ghastlie news


  1. I have a new Kindle also. Got mine on Jan 13 and have finished two E-books already.


  2. very nice present to receive.xx

  3. Well you know I love my you your cover...and ghastlie news say what lol