Friday, January 6, 2012

Sad State of a Sewing Room

It has been three weeks without a sewing room
and this is what it looks like

this is the door into the sewing room
you can see the counter where my machine normally sits
and my lonely television

these are the cupboards they did'nt have to pull out
the boxes are full of our electronics,  I made them bring them back after they said it takes 4 weeks for them to be checked out, 6 because of christmas, we will take our chances that they won't blow.....
so far so good we just dont' have sound on the television and the 
xbox is not working, this is tragic to eveyone but me, they have not made a sewing game for it yet so I could care less.
Mr. Sugar does not find this funny he just wants it fixed

the floor is not so pretty, it never really is, I throw everything on the floor as I sew

I have the store to sew at but everyone wants to visit, and so do I
so finishing anything in a timely manner is not going to happen

I just miss sewing at night and sometimes all night long
for now I will just lay in bed and teach Mr. Sugar sewing terms.....


  1. Hehehe. Hopefully that will motivate him to make sure the work gets done post haste. Good luck.

  2. Oh Tammy! Whatta mess! and yes...Poor Mr. Sugar with his xbox!! NOT!! I feel no sympathy. After the sewing terms, move on to types of fabric!!!

  3. You must be suffering withdrawal symptoms. Perhaps you could set your machine up on his computer desk? Or the dining table. That might get things moving ? It will be lovely when it is done, though.

  4. Brand new sewing room, YAY! Can't wait to see it :)