Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Day After

The day after Valentines and I have things to show you
My 16 year old daughter is an amazing cake decorater
and she made these cute sweet tart cupcakes for V day

oh and her joke on the forever single
I am happily Married

I started working on this pink quilt, first I made the blocks
12" but they were so big it looked like I was in a hurry
to get the job done so I shrunk them to 8" and they are much better
and remember I am still sewing on my kitchen table yuk
I cut the strips in lights and darkes

I am using the black in the irish chain to pull it all together

This demask from Adornit
I think this would look good in teals as well
just not enough time

and Third
the grand children in our lives, they are so special
and we love them more than they will ever know
Davey had Valentine pictures took with her mom and a few
of just her

look at those bare feet, they are so small and the smile.  The whole family can not believe she posed so well for the pictures, usually she is all over the place being silly

And then there is this little guy, no pink for him he is ready
 for St Patricks day

Mr Sugar surprised me with flowers, he really is a great guy, I told him no jewlery this year as our money is going to the flood in the basement, you know how it goes.  Since we are replaceing things any way lets do something more expencive that insurance won't pay for,ya like that

The painters are here tomorrow and say they will be done friday
carpet and hardwood comes  next week and with a little luck I can show you some finshed stuff in a couple weeks
if not I will shoot some photo's as we go along

Hope Your week is good

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