Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It's a New Semester

January in Canada brings a lot of things
usually cold (not much knock on wood)
a little more sunlight
and a new semester for my high schooler

For the last two year she has been using a hand me down
bag from her sister, that was from Old Navy
that fabric was cool
but we washed it after Christmas
and the handle fell right apart and the bag is not far behind
You can see the tiniest of holes starting in the bag body
so Monday night we took that old bag
layed it out for a pattern
cut out the fabric
sewed it back together and this is what she has
She really likes asian themed fabric
we found these in our travels
and she loves them
I put this project off for 30 days, saying I didn't have a
but in the end it took me less than an hour with no clue what I was doing and wa la, oh and it is reversable
she is happy

You know it was one of those things like sewing on a
button, you put it off for so long and then when you
get around to sewing it on, you say to yourself, that wasn't so bad

1 comment:

  1. Nice. I do the same thing putting things off and then when I finally do it I wonder why I was waiting. I hope your daughter gets many years use out of her new bag.