Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Back in Canada

Home again Home again
or something like that
Here is the bad news
I took 200 pictures and lost them all
mostley because I don't know how to run my camera

So here goes we flew into Las Vegas
thurs september 8th
we flew out of Kalispell MT and the
plane was delayed by three hours
we were suppose to be in at 6:30 arrived at 9:30
by the time we picked up the rental Jeep

and arrived at the hotel at 11:00
ya we had supper and went to bed
We stayed at the Rio for our first time
it was very nice the rooms were big the pool was great
but off the strip, not a big deal for us we always rent a car but
a pain if you always have to be catching a shuttle

We spent the weekend with friends the flew in friday
Saturday I woke up we went for breakfast and by noon I
had full blowen FLU
slept til the next morning

Monday we got on the road early for L.A.
we stayed close to Venice Beach
Monday night we went down to east Venice and walked the peir
and had supper at the nicest restraunt
(insert missing picture her)
you will have to imagine as I tell you
This seaside restraunt was Italian
the front of the building was just that when you walked
throught the door you right outside again
it was packed with people, good sign
and lamp heaters set amoung the tables
it was a bit chilli from the ocean
the food was amazing, especially the garlic buds
they were brought to the table hot every ten minutes
the pasta was excellent and half way into the meal
a man delivered sheet music of thats amoire, two minutes
later the music started and every single person in the restraunt
began to sing. All then staff then walked around singing and clinking glasses with each table
it was actually quite romantic

The next morning we went to the fabric district in L.A.
this was so over whelming

there is fabric every where
some of it is good quality and some is crap
the one thing we learned is the price is never the price
it was kind of like beinging in mexico
as soon as you start to walk away the price came down,
one guy told us he was short in the bank, my husband jumped on that one, the guy is shorter now.
The funny part is we got everything for amazing prices, but now we had to get it home on the plane and we have not even been to the bike show which is what we came for
Wednesday was the best day of the trip, we drove down to east Venice parked the jeep, and rented bikes,

peddle bikes,
yes we own a bike shop but that does not mean we ride them very much, so off we go
Venice Beach is a crazy place you see all kinds
like this guy
my husband had a conversation with him and he sounds very educated
he was selling T shirts the day we saw him
From Venice we rode down to Santa Monica the pier there is really cool

and then we rode into Malibu and then back
it took us 6 hours we did sit and people watch at Santa Monica
for about and hour

The one thing that was hard for me was the residentially challenged
they are every where

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