Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall I love Fall

 Things I love about fall

 All the colors ( reds, yellows, oranges, and a touch of green)
 It starts getting dark sooner (I just don't feel I have to stay up so long)
 The cooler evenings
 Harvest (my garden and the fields)
Wiener roast on the weekends
and friends

If you have ever been to Las Vegas or plan on going
The one must on your list is the ever changing
garden at the Bellegio and what the heck check out the fountains they are pretty cool especially at night
these pictures were taken with Mr. Sugars phone the only pictures from our trip

These are the floral arrangment at the check in counter
there are 12 of these large arrangments
 I was hoping you would be able to see the beautiful back drop at the check in counter a little  better

 As you walk into the garden this large cornacopia greets you
every pumpkin and goard is real
the orange pumpkin in the background is orange carnations

 These 5 foot corn are amazing, they are made up of
indian corn with all those beautiful colors I am not sure what the husk were made of
 in the center of the garden they had three horses all made from live plants the main and tail were grasses  of some kind
 These pumkins weighed in at over 800 pound
some were in the 900 area they had little signs to let you know
the weight
This tree with a face talkes to you as you walked by it is so
amazing to see what money can buy you

this apple sitting in the grass is red roses all alive and looking beautiful

My best friend from high school now lives in Las Vegas and a friend of hers works for the Belligio, and told me the floors drop down so they can setup, all except the outer flowers they are added after to complete the display

once that season is up and wonderful they immediately start growing for the next.
I have had the good fortune to see it for christmas,
chinese new year, summer and now fall

I wish my decorations for the seasons compared
I will show you mine this week

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