Sunday, September 25, 2011

What did you do this weekend

Good weedend, maybe because I was at home 
caught up on the laundry
mopped all my floors
set up all my fall(more on that this week)
and went fishing with Benny and Davey

Mr Sugar was away this week at meetings and on his way home stoped at the
Bass Pro Shop
he bought Benny and new pink fishing rod
and Davie a Tinker Bell rod
all night friday day would cast over the stair railing and reel up the little rubber fish that came with the rod
finally Papa Sugar
took her to the lake

This little wonder fished for about 45 min and then lost interest
she never caught a fish

Hope what ever you did this weekend it was memorable

 I know I am a horrible speller so just laugh with me not at me
my husband just likes to point this out

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