Thursday, September 1, 2011

took a long long break

But I am back
I have been completely overwhelmed and did not know where to start
at the begining(first of July)
the middle or from(thunder in the vally)
this day forward(aug 31st)

Well for some of you this will be the first day for
Does this make you want to start singing the stapels commercial

It's the most wonderful time of the year

Since my youngest is 15 and in TENTH Grade it doesn't make any difference to me
She can write her name on her own pencil

Well there should be some excitement to report next week as we are off to the bike show in Las Vegas
Trust me I will be sleeping
and we are ziping down to L.A. for three days
I will bring you pictures and some fun
give aways when i get home

Here is a quick peak at the first of July
My oldest daughtert Nisa ( not married) me with not tan
and my sister in law(youngest brother)

This is the start to our Parade

Can you see all the people

more later

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