Friday, June 3, 2011


The one at the end of the tunnel
Day one of the Guild show done

If you live close you should check it out there are some amazing quilts on display
Here are a few pictures from today, by the way I am so tired
Here is Benny trying to escape the camera but she is so tired she can barely move, and a peak at the booth

Here is a wide angle of the booth
do you recognize the two screen doors
mr. sugar fixed up for me
full of patterns and looking great
things were busy today and I am greatful for those
of you that like the things we create at
STQCo. and support us the way that they do

I would also like to thank Mary B for all the help and support she has given to me this last week
I have never meet anyone that can keep any crazy
situation so calm

Tomorrow I will share all the fun booths at the show
and the newest store to the area
Chicken Feeds (formerly Hop Scotch)
remember this cause I am not doing this ( ) agian
she stand on her own from today forward

See ya tomorrow or Sunday

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