Thursday, June 2, 2011

Moving Forward

Cause I don't like whats behind me
a broken longarm (fixed but not back)
non quilted quilts for the quild show
one employee in the hospital for the last 10 days
shipments going to the wrong place
every wholesaler in the US and Canada out of the Dresden ruler
I am not going with my original planned booth
last but not least it is going to Rain for the next two days

So moving forward
I am running to the city to do the last of my printing
Cutting the last of my kits
packing everything
running over my booth in my head not much left in there
drive to the border and pick up the last of my patterns and fabric
get Bentley in to her grade 10 classes today
my list goes on and on

Last night Mr. Sugar fixed the two screen doors for the display, I love how they turned out
he did and excellent job they will be the best thing in the booth
his best friend by his side
notice its not me honest that is not me

and then our little hosser came over to visit
You have just got to love that touque that she refuses to leave the house with and it is hot and sunny
and then she had a little time in the lake house Mr. Sugar is building for the grandkids
She hung her touque on the hook inside 
the deck is going on next week

Stay tuned for reports from the guild show tomorrow
I will show you setup

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