Thursday, June 23, 2011

I took a break

I did some catching up, the longarm machine is running great and I love the new one
I have even had time to quilt a few for the store what a good feeling

Now we are crazy busy getting ready for the big day here in Raymond, our town does its big celebration on
July 1st
It's a great time for all, there is at least two or three class reunions going on this weekend, the Harlan Taylor 10K, i run this every year NOT, Parade at 10 am, rodeo all afternoon, and a back yard party at every house
they say our little town triples in size for that one day

Since I have been MIA for the last two weeks  I have a few things to share with you
 Nancy Halversen's Christmas prints are in and I still have a couple of her new books in store and the best part is she signed them at market for me

it's a little fuzzy but you get the idea

and the cute fabrics from strawberry field aka fig tree quilts and moda

 Ruby and Curio layer, charms and jellys have arrived

fabric to follow in September and October
you can see full collections at

now I am going to share with you things that make me happy

1. my back deck on my house is sCreened in and we can sit on it at any time with no Misquito's coming to our party

this is my favorite space ever
2. My 22 almost 23 year old daughter came to the store and made

 She left for Boise Idaho yesterday her niece is getting baptised this weekend and she made her a scripture bag, all by herself
I want to cry, she actually wanted to sew

she came over tuesday night late to get the button and cute flower put on, she chose this cute fabric by Kate Spain for her bag
Love it
3. Grandkids they do the crazyes things that make you laugh, I was making supper the other night and #1 was over, I poured the milk in set down the huge measuring cup and when I tured around the sly little fox was drinking from that big cup
and when I said davey I got this look
these are the moments you don't want to miss

Then we moved on to trimming the trees not just any tree's, the neighbors trees I could not stand them another minute it looks so much better now
oh my could this blog be more messed up, probably

just so you know we are working on our fall classes ya I know how rediculouse
so stay tuned for a preview

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