Monday, June 6, 2011

The Show is OVER

The last 30 days have been crazy
first we had the Shop Hop three days of fun
Second QUILT MARKET Salt Lake City just a little tired
Third the Quilters Guild show in Lethbridge
I am going to share with you my friends from the show
due to upload problems I will descibe the pictures and then upload tomorrow
this is Karen from Fabric Addict
she always has a big smile

here is my friend Deann from Chicken feeds out in Coaldale
her and her daughter and mother ran the booth the last two days

Karen from Fabric Junction 

Tannell from well the fabric shop that sports her name
and there in the background is her daughter

Here is Monica from Sewing Lane, I just think she might sell this lady a machine
wait thats Karen from the Junction

friday and saturday I did a demo on the dresden square
Benny my right hand gal took a couple of pictures
they are a bit dark  but you get the gist

I wanted to show you a couple of my favorite quilts
this is a bargello ( hope I spelled that right)
this to me is the most amazing form of quilting
I love it and hope one day to own one but I won't be the one sewing it I will be buying it

The master quilter of this creation has only been quilting for two year, I have been quilting for twenty and I will have to buy one.

and then this one what a lot of piecing I don't know the person who sewed this but what a lot of piecing

I love the color variation in this quilt and all those small squares
I am sure there is a method to this piecing that makes it easier,
but then again maybe not
love it anyway

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